White Album vinyl

The White Album Registry began as a project for my Web Development certification. I had to a create a project utilizing HTML, CSS, MySQL, and PHP. I had to find a project that could incorporate these languages with something that would keep me interested. Additionally, I needed a site that would present me with the opportunity to improve my web development skills. I have always loved music. Like anyone else with working ears, the Beatles have been a source of inspiration and intrigue. Though I am nowhere near receiving the "World's Biggest Fan" t-shirt, I have enjoyed listening and collecting the Beatles.


In the year 2008, Beatles fans celebrated the 40th anniversary of the White Album. This year Beatles fans are treated to the release of The Beatles: Rock Band and their remastered catalog. These events conspired with my web development ambitions to inspire this website. My goal was to "register" copies of the original Beatles White Album utilizing its unique numbering system.


My project begin with research. I learned about the differences between the US and UK pressings. For example, four production plants were used in the US, each with their own number sequence and style. In the UK, variances included top vs. side load, mono vs. stereo, etc. I figured that while I was collecting information about the LP, I could obtain additional insight into Beatles fans. That's is why I decided to ask for things like DOB, gender, and location.


The last one I am particularly excited about. In the coming months, as my scripting improves, I hope to create a map so I visitors can see where in the world the closest numerical copies are located. Say, you have #1456829, the map would show you where the 10 previous and following numbers are located worldwide. It is important to note that we are not looking for anyone's name or street address.

Though many Beatles fans and sites (see LINKS) were helpful, I wanted to thank the forum members of D. Haber's Beatles Collection site. In particular, the knowledge, assistance, and patience from Graham (The Beatles Index) and Frank (Across the Universe) were invaluable.

I hope you find the White Album Registry worthy of other Beatles sites, spreading the word, and many return visits.

Thank You.